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Now Accepting Applications for 2017 Summer Program – Application Deadline May 5, 2017

University of Alabama on June 11 – July 21, 2017     •     Alabama State University on June 11 – July 21, 2017


100% of youth who complete a NSEP Summer Academy graduate from high school!


A key purpose of NSEP is to expose youth to the field of social work as a college major and career choice.


A second key purpose of NSEP is to encourage students to complete high school, enroll in college and complete their post-secondary education.


A third key purpose of NSEP is to assist foster youth in the development of life-skills, employment skills, and leadership skills that will help them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

We are increasing the number of youth graduating high school and enrolling in college in the state of Alabama.


  • “I liked how we had fun and I would do this program again”
  • “The info about social work made me more interested in pursuing this career”
  • “It helped me determine what I wanted to major in”
  • “I was able to learn so much new and very useful information”
  • “I’m about to go to college and I didn’t know what I really wanted to do but now I know because I worked with social workers”
  • “It was a great college experience for me and it opened my eyes and changed my view on the field of social work”
  • “I loved the staff cause they made me feel like they wanted me here and they loved me”
  • It was a very unique informative experience. It taught me many new ways to handle responsibility”
  • “I loved working at my job”
  • “I like how the staff and other kids always were there for each other”
  • “I loved the college experience. This has really opened my eyes.”
  • “I wish the program was longer than 6 weeks”
  • “I liked the agencies the best because it let me experience many different kind of people”
  • “What I liked most about NSEP was… “Getting to work in the profession”
  • “I liked living on a college campus the most.”
  • “I liked the experience that NSEP provided. It was educational and I enjoyed it a lot.”