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Congratulations NSEP 2012 Summer Academy Participants!

NSEP 2012 Summer Academies were held at Alabama State University in Montgomery, Alabama and The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa,  Alabama.

NSEP was founded in 2008 with a three-fold purpose: (1) expose Foster Youth who are rising high school juniors and seniors to the field of social work as a potential college major and career choice, (2) encourage Foster Youth to graduate from high school or complete their GED, and (3) encourage Foster Youth to enroll in college and graduate.

During the Summer Academies, youth spend six-weeks on the college campus. They live in residence halls, eat in campus dining facilities, and access campus recreational facilities.

Youth attend class on campus that exposes them to available campus services, i.e., financial aid, student health, disability services, counseling services, student activities. Class time also includes further development of youth life-skills, i.e., financial literacy, healthy relationships, critical thinking.

A highlight of the Summer Academy is our partnership with local social service agencies. Youth have an opportunity to further develop their work ethic while also learning more about the field of social work. They have a paid internship during four weeks of the academy.

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Here’s what some youth had to say about their experiences in 2012:

“Now I know what college I would like to attend”

“I like the activities and being able to work in the agencies”

“I liked everything about it and it has made me become a better person and get ready for the life ahead of me”

“I made new friends and learned how to socialize better with my peers”

“I liked exploring different colleges”

“I liked meeting new people and developing strong bonds. I’m sad that I have to leave. This was a great learning experience that I will never forget”

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